The first Disaster CASE is ready for shipping

We are proud to introduce our first self produced product! This case is the result of a year of changing and prototyping to what we feel is the best mix of usefulness and convenience.

The Disaster CASE is a 3D printed case made in Carbon Fiber PETG plastic, There is a solid rubber o-ring to provide a decent level of water resistance, the case should not be submerged for longer than a few seconds but otherwise will resist water intrusion.

We realized how useful having a writing utensil can be so we also provide a 4″ pencil with eraser in a external mount for those times when you just need to take a quick note. Soon we will be selling waterproof paper and notebooks that can even fit inside the CASE

The outercase is meant to be universal with multiple types of CASE inserts. To start each insert is held into the outer case with Brass nuts and 4x M3x6mm hex screws to allow for easy replacement in the future. The insert is 2 parts that are 3d printed in Carbon Fiber PETG, a larger tray to hold the items in place with a black #33 rubber band, and a upper bracket to hold the insert in place.

All of these layers provide great strength to the case as a whole and we have tested running over the boxes repeatedly on a trail with a ATV.

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